Meet the Company-X men and women

Our ever-growing team aren’t comic book characters, but real-life software superheroes.

We develop award-winning software that not only smashes the problems our clients bring to us but also makes them look good.

We’ve won many prestigious awards that prove choosing the Company-X men and women for your software superheroes is an action-packed adventure where the good guys always win.

Our principles

Company-X operates by three core principles. Always has done. They are:

  • Making our clients look good
  • Doing what we said we’d do
  • Giving our clients choices
David Hallett and Jeremy Hughes
SOFTWARE SUPERHEROES: Company-X co-founders David Hallett (top) and Jeremy Hughes are both directors of the software specialist.

Our history

Company-X was founded in 2012 by software specialists David Hallett and Jeremy Hughes.

Both directors ran their own IT businesses before Company-X Limited was incorporated on December 19, 2012.

David was consulting director of Pulsar Computer Solutions, founded in March 1998, while Jeremy was managing director of Ignition Software, founded in March 2001.

Jeremy sought a business partner after receiving growth advice from Art of Life consultant Steve Murray.

“I had known David for three or four years,” Jeremy says. “We’d met at industry events over and over and over and I thought yeah, David.”

But were they a good match?

“We walked and talked a lot,” Jeremy recalls.

Jeremy convinced David to complete a DISC profile, focussed on the personality traits of Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness.

“We both did a DISC profile and my profile dovetailed with David’s,” Jeremy says. “David loves doing all the stuff I hate doing.”

As David and Jeremy met for more advice from Steve it became clear Ignition Software and Pulsar Computer Solutions would cease trading. Something new would arise from the ashes like a phoenix.

“We did not want to make either of our companies the new thing,” David says. “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’re always going to get what you’ve always got. What’s going to be different?”

There was one moment, Jeremy and David collectively said,” Right, let’s do it. What are we going to call our new company?”.

Steve proposed Company-X as a placeholder name.

“We spent a couple of days thinking about names,” David says. “Then we came back to do the naming session.”

“We put all these names on the board, and then I went, it’s all just dumb,” Jeremy says. “You know what? It’s already Company-X. Why do we need to call it something else?”

David adds: “Steve looked at us and said what does it mean? We said that’s the point. From a sales perspective, it’s brilliant, because people say to me what is Company-X? Well let me tell you about Company-X. It’s a really cool concept because you can play with it and do a lot of things with it. You can talk about the software company with the x-factor, x marks the spot for software savvy, the Company-X men and women, all sorts of stuff. It’s a fun kind of brand for us.”

Company-X was established as a cornerstone tenant of Waikato business incubator Soda Inc in the old Innes and Co Ltd soda pop factory at The Meteor in Victoria Street, Hamilton. Company-X moved to Wintec House with the rest of the Soda Inc tenants in 2015.

Company-X has grown from the two co-founders, David Hallett and Jeremy Hughes, to a team of more than 50 software specialists.