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Our principles are foundational to how we conduct ourselves in the communities we serve

Our core principles

  • Challenge everything
    Break norms, drive continuous improvements, and create a culture of innovation among staff and clients.
  • Respect new ideas
    Maintain an environment and workplace of mutual respect and kindness.
  • Foster inclusive journeys
    Our clients are our partners in the process and it is our obligation to keep them informed and engaged so that the right change management mechanisms can be put in place to guarantee a project’s success.
  • Push the boundaries
    Explore new technologies and creative solutions in every project.
  • Give choices
    Provide tailored options that best fit a client’s budgetary and operational needs.

Our story

Ever since our founding in 2012, Company-X has cemented its reputation as New Zealand’s leading software development agency that enables change through data-driven insights, automation, and simulation to run the world better. For infrastructure asset managers, defense manufacturing contractors, and Chief Technology Officers (CTOs), we integrate complex systems, advance safety through simulation training, and enhance efficiency through machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Our exclusively senior level expertise – including data analysts, architects, designers, developers, testers, and project managers – work alongside organisations to commercialise ideas, transform and scale operations, and code and design their next great innovation.

Get to know our people

We are renowned for building highly-skilled, tightly-knit, self-managed, and co-located teams that stay with projects from beginning to end and deliver scalable software quickly.
Rachel empowers our team through tech leadership to ensure the best outcomes for clients, taking a holistic view of a...

Rachel Primrose

Rachel Primrose

Nicola Brock

Ian Mortimer

Ian Mortimer
I love to code, to break everything down to small little parts and to watch them all work together, its...

Frank Mele

Frank Mele

Stephen Warren

Stephen Warren
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