An innovative app is taking fleet management to a whole new level.

Tradesmen and women need never turn up to a job without the right tools or supplies ever again.

FleetApp, developed by Hamilton software specialist Company-X, is a fully customisable mobile app for vehicle fleet managers and drivers which can be tailored to a business’s needs.

“Fleet managers can customise FleetApp’s pre-drive checklist to make it relevant to their industry and particular to their specialist work group,” says FleetApp director Stacey Watene.

FleetApp can ask tradesmen or women whether they have all of their tools before they leave the depot.

It can also be used to encourage ownership of the vehicle fleet by asking if the vehicle is clean and tidy and whether there is any damage to it.

Safety is another thing the app can be tailored to monitor, requiring data on the condition of the tyres of the vehicle before the driver disembarks.

“FleetApp can be configured to meet any fleet’s specific needs.,” Watene said.

Watene brought the FleetApp idea to Company-X directors David Hallett and Jeremy Hughes. They loved Watene’s idea so much that they became shareholders of the FleetApp business and made Mehrdad Behroozi the app’s product owner.

Behroozi led Company-X’s team of business analysts, software architects, and developers to develop an initial version for market validation before upping the ante to deliver a highly sophisticated application designed to transform the fleet management industry.

“FleetApp enables frontline users of shared fleet vehicles to find and book vehicles using their smartphones,” Hallett said.

“FleetApp also provides real-time feedback to fleet managers on how their fleet is being used. This enables fleet managers to make better, data-driven, decisions about their vehicle fleet. Driver vehicle utilisation data, by time and distance, is also available from the app.”

Merv says FleetApp is unique in that it can be customized for any vehicle, from trains, planes and automobiles, to trucks, helicopters, and ships.

“FleetApp is unique in fleet management because it is disruptive to the industry. Users can easily sign up themselves, with no need for lengthy onboarding processes. At only $5 NZ per user per month, FleetApp is also a cost-effective solution within the reach of any business with multiple vehicles in their fleet.”

FleetApp has a lot of functionality but also has a well-defined roadmap for the addition of further functionality.

“The key outcome of the project was that it delivered far more features than expected on time and within budget, reinventing part of FleetApp’s business process along the way, assisting our user adoption process, and billing,” Watene said.

FleetApp had attracted paying customers upon soft launch and is disrupting the fleet management industry through the improved usability and cost-effectiveness of its solution.

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