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November 23, 2023

Virtual Reality and the next frontier for manufacturing and defence training

Virtual Reality Helmet
February 26, 2024

Spatial Computing: the new frontier

Two brontosauruses walking through a forus. A mountain is in the background and a cliff is to the left. The cliff is rocky on its side but green on the top.
February 16, 2024

Dinosaurs roam again thanks to Company-X

Instinction the game combines combat and exploration with a great narrative, stunning locations, and pristine visual effects.
January 26, 2024

The data lifecycle and the 8 steps to data management

8 steps to navigate the data lifecycle and the importance of cleaning up your data to make informed decisions
December 19, 2023

Asthma New Zealand: Young asthma patients can breathe easy through e-learning course

David Hallett and Jeremy Hughes staring off into the distance
November 27, 2023

The Company-X lifers : a team culture of excellence

Honouring long standing Company-X employees and reflecting their journey and path to celebrating 10 years in business.
Company-X Celebrates ten years in business with David Hallett, Jeremy Hughes and their partners
February 21, 2023

Company-X celebrates a decade in business

Jeremy Hughes and David Hallett look back at the foundation of their success and at the Company-X philosophies that mattered
Jeremy Hughes receiving the Top Tech Companies 2022 award
June 13, 2022

ExportNZ Top Tech Companies of 2022

Company-X won an ExportNZ Top Tech Companies of 2022 award after being nominated by New Zealand Trade and Enterprise
Man standing in front of a screen wearing an Oculus 2 headset with the experience cast onto the screen
March 3, 2022

Hamilton Central Business Association Central Business District Awards 2021

Hamilton Central Business Association named Company-X the winner of the Best Professional Services Innovation Award
Pneumonia prototype image
October 20, 2021

Artificial intelligence diagnoses pneumonia, wins international Microsoft MVP award

Jiadong Chen's prototype app using AI to diagnose viral pneumonia using Microsoft Azure AI wins Microsoft MVP Award
Andrew McKillop left with Dawn Inglis
October 4, 2021

Road Efficiency Group and Company-X in running for two innovation awards

Road Efficiency Group (REG) and Company-X is a double finalist in the Reseller News Innovation Awards.
Hot Mustard Mobile App Acquired
August 21, 2021

Hot Mustard’s mobile app development business acquired by Company-X

Andrew McKillop of the Road Efficiency Group
August 5, 2021

Data quality assurance project finalist in 2021 New Zealand Excellence in IT Awards

Reseller News Sara Bahr, Rachel Primrose and Jes Elliott
July 20, 2021

Company-X software developer Sara Bahr is Reseller News Women in ICT Graduate Award finalist

Red Bull Basement Start up Speaker Series
July 20, 2021

Tech Talk: Tips for technology start-ups – learnings from entrepreneurial journeys

David Hallett. joins a Start-up Speaker Series to discuss learnings from life as a venture capitalist and entrepreneur.
Rachel Primrose standing in front of a Company-X banner
July 8, 2021

Rachel Primrose is Reseller News Women in ICT Shining Star Award finalist

Company-X senior software architect Rachel Primrose was Reseller News Women in ICT Shining Star Award finalist.
DATA DRIVEN DECISIONS: A dairy farmer trains on DelPro FarmManager.
March 31, 2020

Global e-learning solution teaches data-driven decision making for DeLaval farmers

DeLaval's e-learning solution to teach dairy farmers and staff around the globe how to begin using robotic milking systems.
Luke McGregor
December 18, 2018

Early feedback in Agile software development project makes for great software

Quick data visualization and validation for CityEdge Alliance's road construction project through W.E.T.A
Stacey from FleetApp
June 18, 2018

FleetApp tells tradies to take tools

Company-X developed FleetApp, a mobile app for fleet management, enhancing efficiency and safety
Team sitting in a meeting room to develop a piece of software
May 26, 2018

Testing times assures quality for Agile software development projects

Company-X ensures rigorous software testing to identify and fix bugs and improve reliability.
Working on a client project
April 25, 2018

Collaboration with clients at heart of Agile software development projects

Company-X collaborates with clients, ensuring involvement in decisions and progress.
Agile Team
March 12, 2018

Teamwork and intelligence a winning formula for Agile software development projects

Company-X listens to clients' business problems, creating tailored Agile software development teams to design solutions.
David and Jeremy
February 26, 2018

Turn business problems into opportunities with an Agile software development project

Company-X solves business problems with innovative software solutions, providing Agile development expertise
Marcel van de Steeg (left) and Claire Sherrington (right) with Parking Sense's Stacey King, Jake Bezzant
September 13, 2017

Kiwi Innovation Transforms US Parking with Company-X Partnership

Company-X partnered with Parking Sense to deliver innovative parking solutions across the US, enhancing parking guidance