Jiadong Chen is an exceptional technical community leader.

Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professional Award Team says so.

Chen is one of 3023 Information Technology (IT) professionals internationally to win the Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award from one of the world’s largest and most successful technology companies.

He is one in 40 to receive the MVP award in New Zealand, and one in four to specialise in Developer Technologies here.

Chen won the award for the seventh year in a row in July.

Jiadong Chen
Jiadong Chen

He is a senior software developer at Company-X in Hamilton, and an expert in Microsoft and Unity 3D, 2D, augmented and virtual reality technologies.

In his day job Chen builds problem-solving software for clients. These have included the Australian Meat Processor Corporation for who he built gamified training to bring innovation to skills development. He has also worked on software for First Gas using virtual reality headgear replicating, in exacting detail, the high-risk procedure for emergency venting of a ruptured pipeline before maintenance can be carried out.

Last July Chen won the Microsoft MVP Global Cloud Skills Challenge for a prototype app using artificial intelligence to diagnose pneumonia.

But the latest award Chen has received is for sharing his learnings from working on these projects, and many others like them, with fellow software developers.

Chen has become known in the technology community for prolific knowledge transfer in blogs and books, as well as putting that knowledge into action in a variety of open-source projects.

“I'm very excited to receive the Microsoft MVP award for the seventh time in a row since 2015,” Chen said.

“This reminds me of meeting Anders Hejlsberg at Microsoft Research Asia in 2015, when I first won the award and when I was writing my first book in Chinese. In 2022 I received my 7th Microsoft MVP award, and I also published my second book in English. Keep learning, keep growing.”

“Jiadong’s expertise is evident in everything that he does at Company-X,” said co-founder and director David Hallett.

“We are constantly impressed with his commitment to continuous learning and improvement, and by the way that he selflessly shares his knowledge and journey with the wider developer community. This award reminds us that his peers are impressed too.”