Parking Sense asked Company-X to help it bring smart Internet of Things (IoT) technology into the international parking industry.

The project enabled the largest parking guidance contract ever awarded in the United States.

Company-X developed a trio of innovative parking products connected to Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) enabled sensors installed in car parks.

ParkUp Pay, SpaceNet and Where Is My Car.

The ParkUp Pay smartphone application enhances and streamlines the driver’s paid parking experience, the SpaceNet car park management system collects real-time analytics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) from parking garages and the Where is my Car smartphone application help drivers find their parked car inside a multistorey car park building.

“A Bluetooth beacon is useless unless you can interpret the data from it,” said Company-X senior software engineer Arno can Niekerk.

“The work we did around Bluetooth Low Energy beacons were determining how far beacons were from the user in a space where there is a lot of frequency noise.

”Bluetooth is tricky. Bluetooth listeners, like your smartphone, can pick up a lot of frequencies at the same time. How do you determine which one is the closest to you? That was the technical challenge we had to solve.”