PUBLIC SPEAKER: Jeremy Hughes, right, explains Company-X's transport sector work to MP Deborah Russell.

Company-X co-founder and director Jeremy Hughes was invited to a national conference to present technical tips on helping the transport sector make more evidence-based decisions.

Hughes will share insights into the sector’s seven-year Asset Management Data Standard (AMDS) migration project at the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia (IPWEA) Conference on Wednesday, October 6.

Company-X is helping Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency, city and district councils prepare for migrating roading data from Road Asset and Maintenance Management (RAMM) for AMDS implementation, contributing to more evidence-based decision making throughout the country.

Hughes, and Company-X business analyst Nigel Lynton, has been deeply involved with the development of the standard as well as preparing for and validating its practical implementation across Road Controlling Authorities, and maintenance contractors.

Using deep knowledge of RAMM and decades of experience in the transport sector, Company-X on behalf of Waka Kotahi, has developed a toolset to help with the migration to the new standard.

Hughes, with Road Efficiency Group (REG) sector excellence workgroup chair Roger Brady, also delivered the closing keynote at the Roading Infrastructure Management Support (RIMS) Forum on July 29.

A decade of innovation

REG marked a decade of innovation at the IPWEA conference today by announcing its rebranding to Te Ringa Maimoa Transport Excellence Partnership.

REG Insights, the world’s first national roading quality assurance web portal, will become Transport Insights.

Transport Insights was designed and built by Te Ringa Maimoa in partnership with software specialist Company-X.

Transport Insights consolidates roading, financial and statistical data to give Waka Kotahi, city, and district councils the ability to interrogate data quality and measure performance trends on a national framework.

The project took the entire roading sector on a journey and significantly moved it forward in evidence-based decision making.

“This is one of our most rewarding projects,” Hughes said.

“It feels fantastic to be involved in designing and building information systems that have helped change a whole sector.”

“The New Zealand transport sector, more than any other, is full of supportive and enthusiastic people. REG, now Te Ringa Maimoa, brings these highly passionate people together. We do our best work when we have great people to work with.

“Te Ringa Maimoa brings a team of people together dedicated to continuous improvement and change management helping to move the whole industry forward with well thought out systems contributing to a world first.”