Workers are being trained in tasks too dangerous or expensive to replicate in real life using state-of-the-art technology being demonstrated at the upcoming Facilities Integrate trade show at the ASB Showgrounds in Auckland.

Company-X specialises in connected worker programs using technologies such as RealWear head-mounted tablets and Microsoft HoloLens mixed reality smart glasses. The Company-X team includes specialists in augmented and virtual reality.

Company-X connected working and digital transformation specialist Lance Bauerfeind will demonstrate how augmented and virtual reality technology is changing the workplace.

59 Lance Bauerfeind Co X 18 Jul2019
TRANSFORMATIONAL: Company-X's Lance Bauerfeind says augmented and virtual reality technology is changing the workplace.

Bauerfeind will show how cutting-edge augmented and virtual reality technology built by the three-times IDG Reseller News Innovation Award-winning company is being used to replicate in precise detail the high-risk procedure for emergency venting of a ruptured gas pipeline. Company-X has also used the technology to simulate a shipping container packed with biosecurity risk scenarios.

The various lockdowns prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic globally prompted many businesses to accelerate their digital transformation plans, and other businesses to formulate a plan.

One client asked Company-X to lead the development of a digital system that would replace a manual system deemed too risky for staff when social distancing guidelines were in place. Another client suddenly realised they needed to quickly modernise because they had no access to files or notes in their office because they were locked down.

ECO FRIENDLY Reuben Turner inspects biosecurity training provider IVSs new virtual shipping container
INNOVATIVE: A user explores the virtual shipping cotainer built by Company-X.

“Converting manual processes into digital ones help increase business productivity and gain efficiency,” Bauerfeind said.

“It’s all about delivering the right information at the right time so that workers get the information they need when they need it and stay on task.”

“Many businesses fail to consider how to shift day-to-day activities to maximise new technologies and capture the associated return on investment,” Bauerfeind said.

“Workers are the critical source of productivity gains when you are digitising operations. There’s a whole range of ways that Company-X can help businesses gain efficiency. We can help businesses find where those areas are through their whole process and custom-build software. There could be data manipulation, analytics, and artificial intelligence around that.”

Bauerfeind will present on how connected working technology can be used to help businesses create efficiencies at the Facilities Integrate Speedfloor Education Zone on November 26 at 1.30pm.

Company-X is on Stand 530 in the Facilities Integrate Tech Hub.