Realwear powerlines
REALWEAR: Step by step asset inspections, and safety inspections, are being carried out remotely by people wearing head-mounted tablets.

Remote experts are supporting clients across the world using hands-free head-mounted tablet computers.

Company-X clients are using RealWear head-mounted tablets (HMT) with live video and audio feed functionality to provide remote support for onsite technicians and engineers.

Head-mounted tablets are enabling our clients’ customers to carry out equipment installation with the help of remote subject matter experts. Step by step asset inspections, and safety inspections, are also being carried out remotely by customers wearing head-mounted tablets. Remote product troubleshooting is also being enabled by this cutting-edge technology.

Such digital transformation was inevitable but has been hastened by the travel restrictions that have emerged from the COVID-19 pandemic.

For many, regional and international travel is all but impossible. Even if it was possible, health and safety rules in many countries mean experts who fly in from other parts of the country or world cannot work closely with others in confined spaces.

Big names using RealWear head-mounted tablets include BMW, Colgate-Palmolive, Honeywell, Lexus, Vestas and Volkswagen.

Manufacturers find head-mounted tablets invaluable for their remote service programs.

The possibilities this technology is enabling are endless.

Technicians can send head-mounted tablets to clients in grocery, healthcare and retail sectors, to support them. Web-based applications are being used on head-mounted tablets to share files and screens between people in different geographical locations.

The makers of large industrial manufacturing equipment can use head-mounted tablets to provide remote assistance for installation and on-going support in their client’s factories.

Medical equipment manufacturers can use head-mounted tablets to support field service engineers running diagnostic tests.

Generator maintenance specialists can use head-mounted tablets to ensure the power stays on for critical locations, like hospitals and data centres.

Robotics and automation teams can use head-mounted tablets live video and audio streams to support global service centres.

Oil rigs can use intrinsically safe models of head-mounted tablets for video consultations with onshore oil and gas subject matter experts, power plants can use them for remote guidance in the areas of repair and maintenance.

Three waters treatment plants can deploy head-mounted tablets to field workers, where social distancing rules prevent two or more workers sharing a small space.

Multi-nationals can use head-mounted tablets to increase communication between business units in different parts of the world.

RealWear Explorer allows you to view your head-mounted tablet’s applications on your desktop, install new apps, including Microsoft Teams and Zoom, and enables you to use the computer mouse and keyboard to drive the head-mounted tablet’s interface on these products from your computer.

David Hallett is a co-founder of Waikato software specialist Company-X.