Company-X senior software developer Jiadong Chen has written the ultimate guide to creating games with Unity 3D, 2D, augmented and virtual reality technologies and the Microsoft Game Stack.

Game Development with Unity for .NET Developers was published by Packt in May.

“I was approached by Packt via LinkedIn,” Chen said. “I decided I would write the book because it felt like a good opportunity to express my knowledge in this area.”

Microsoft, Azure Architecture Center Senior Program Manager of Architectural Publishing Ed Price is raving about the book.

“Our author, Jiadong Chen, used to work at Unity Technologies as a Field Engineer. He’s been working in this .NET and Unity gaming stack for over 9 years. He’s a member of the .NET Foundation, and he’s been a Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) for 6 years. (That means he’s been awarded every year since 2015, based on his impact to the Microsoft developer community.) As you can imagine, his MVP award category is Developer Technologies,” wrote Price.

Chen also won Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professional Global Cloud Skills Challenge in 2021 with a prototype app using artificial intelligence to diagnose pneumonia.

Jiadong Chen

“In other words, Jiadong is the perfect person to teach you how to use the .NET Framework and Microsoft developer stack to learn how to develop with the Unity game engine and how to take your games to the next level!”

He is also a six-time winner of the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional, Developer Technologies award.

Chen wrote the book to familiarise software developers with the Unity game engine and give them a high-level understanding of the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Reviewer Justin Horner said The Ultimate Guide was the perfect title for the book.

“While I've read quite a few Unity-specific books, few go as in-depth on the fundamentals of game development and how to integrate with Azure cloud services,” Horner said.

“It covers so much that even if you have experience with Unity, there's probably something here to expand on your knowledge. I can easily recommend it.”

Game Development with Unity for .NET Developers is available from priced $32.39 in Kindle edition and $44.99 in paperback.