Demand soars for hands-free remote collaboration tool.

The COVID-19 pandemic is making the world’s leading hands-free remote collaboration tool a must-have for some companies.

Australasian reseller of RealWear head-mounted tablets, Company-X, has seen an upsurge in client interest in the remote collaboration tool since the COVID-19 lockdown was announced.

Company-X remote working specialist Lance Bauerfeind said hundreds of RealWear head-mounted tablet computers had sold across Australasia in two weeks.

Demand is high in New Zealand where Company-X clients are using the RealWear HMT-1 and HMT-1Z1 to offer remote assistance to frontline workers. The technology supports the Ministry of Health’s social distancing rules and reduces the need for workers to be in the same room.

Bauerfeind said clients were interested in the technology before the COVID-19 pandemic enforced lockdown, but interest had stepped up in the last couple of weeks.

“The pandemic has sped things up, with clients wanting to get their hands on this technology as soon as possible,” he said.

Company-X has supplied voice-activated head-mounted tablets to clients in a range of industries.

In Australia, head-mounted tablets are paired with an infrared camera to monitor the body temperature of miners. These kits are also available in New Zealand.

RealWear donated 20 head-mounted tablets to Huaqiao Hospital in Suzhou, China for frontline doctors caring for COVID-19 patients to get remote mentoring from colleagues away from the frontline.

RealWear's flagship product, the HMT-1 head-mounted tablet, is designed for wet, dusty, hot, dangerous and loud industrial environments.

The high-resolution microdisplay fits just below the wearer’s line of sight and views like a seven-inch tablet.

The tablet works with powerful software applications in four core categories, each optimized for completely hands-free voice control. That means no scrolling, swiping, or tapping - just simple voice commands.

The HMT-1Z1 offers the same functionality as the HMT-1, with an additional feature. The HMT-1Z1 is safe to use in potentially explosive environments. It is ATEX Zone 1, IECEx Zone 1 and CSA C1-D1 certified. It's temperature proof, for the coldest and hottest zones, and waterproof.

“Demand is very high across Australasia,” Bauerfeind said. "Companies are realising that this is not going to be a one-off situation. They need to put in new systems supported by specialist technology to ensure that they are well prepared for the future.”