Company-X software quality assurance tester Jes Elliott has won the Reseller News Women in ICT Rising Star Award.

Elliott received the award at a celebration lunch at the Hilton Auckland on July 8.

Elliott was one of a trio of outstanding Company-X team members who were finalists in the Awards, alongside senior software architect Rachel Primrose, and software developer Sara Bahr.

“Such awesome recognition of the talent in our Company-X women,” said Company-X co-founder and director David Hallett, “A fantastic win for the rising star Jes!”

“Looking at the impressive women and companies who were finalists in these awards, I am thrilled that Jes, Rachel and Sara from Company-X were recognised alongside them,” said Company-X co-founder and director Jeremy Hughes.

“As a company we go to high schools promoting IT careers for women, so it is fantastic to receive this recognition for our own women and to show girls across New Zealand that they can succeed in IT careers and will be recognised for their exceptional talent.”

Company X Reseller News Women in ICT finalists Sara Bahr left Jes Elliott centre and Rachel Primrose right
FINALISTS: Company-X Reseller News Women in ICT finalists Sara Bahr, left, Jes Elliott, centre, and Rachel Primrose, right.

Reseller News Women in ICT Award winner: Company-X software quality assurance tester Jes Elliott

Jes Elliott won the Rising Star category.

This award recognises a standout candidate rising through the ranks within the ICT industry, acknowledging significant advancement during the early stages of her technology career. This individual is growing in stature and importance through demonstrating outstanding business acumen, deep market expertise and high levels of professional integrity.

Elliott has demonstrated innovation, professionalism, and leadership qualities in her two years at Company-X, going quickly from an intern on the Company-X Graduate Developer Program to a software quality assurance tester on a Company-X team working with a US-based multinational.

“Jes did a great job on the support desk,” said Company-X professional services manager Michael Hamid.

Elliott became an integral part of a Company-X team developing e-learning modules for world-leading dairy solutions provider DeLaval and was involved in the production of modules in French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, and Mandarin.

She was then asked to become a software quality assurance tester.

“Jes is doing really well in this role,” Hamid said.

Elliott’s team leader Nicola Brock said: “Jes is a client focussed team member who prides herself on the presentation of her work, consistency, and clear communication. She is a tenacious individual with an analytical mind and an eagerness to learn and contribute.”

“I would firstly like to say thank you,” Elliott told the awards crowd in an emotional speech.

“It’s an honour to be sharing a room with such passionate and driven women, so thank you for your achievements, I appreciate it. To the Reseller News team who have spent their time preparing and organising this beautiful event, thank you too, and to the judges, thank you for spending and taking time considering us and over 140 nominations,” Elliott said.

“My achievements today would not have been possible without the equal support from my team at Company-X, my new team at Cisco, and to the organisations that have allowed me to volunteer and especially to the people I have mentored over the years. It is my hope that we all continue to build our confidence enough, to provide opportunities and bridge the gaps where needed, for not only those who identify as female, but for our youth in particular. There is no hierarchy in teaching and learning. Thank you for helping me to help you to help others.”

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RISING STAR: Company-X software quality assurance tester, Jes Elliott, centre, with, from left to right, Company-X co-founder Jeremy Hughes, Rachel Primrose, Sara Bahr and Company-X co-founder David Hallett.