A Waikato retailer wanted to measure the engagement of sales assistants with customers.

Company-X senior software engineer Arno van Niekerk led a team to develop an Android Wear application installed on a smart watch connected to the shop’s network via Wi-Fi.

“The sales assistant wore an Android smartwatch on their wrist and would just touch their watch as they engaged with a customer to start a timer,” van Niekerk said. “The retailer got daily, weekly and monthly reports on customer engagement.”

SMART: Arno van Niekerk, left, with Rob Scovell.

The retailer used the Android Wear app to see which sales assistant was busiest, how engagement related to sales and the busiest time of the day and week.

“So, if someone had a high engagement time but low sales, it could point to a performance issue,” van Niekerk said. “There was a lot of work done on the backend to highlight some of these issues.”