Experts in solving health and safety problems with innovative technology solutions are attending this year's Safety 360 in Auckland.

Augmented reality and virtual reality (AR and VR) specialist Company-X is sending some of its best and brightest health and safety technologists to New Zealand's most comprehensive health and safety event. Safety 360 is taking place next Tuesday and Wednesday (March 17 and 18) at Vodafone Events Centre, Manukau.

Company-X director David Hallett, AR and VR specialist Lance Bauerfeind and consultant Benjamin Judge are attending Safety 360. The Company-X team will demonstrate how health and safety problems can be solved with the perfect pairing of hardware and custom-built software.

Company-X has custom-built various health, safety and risk management solutions. These include:

CUTTING EDGE Company X used virtual reality technology to replicate the high risk procedure for emergency venting of a ruptured gas pipeline
  • A true-to-life VR model of the Te Kowhai Delivery Point Main Line Valve in the Waikato for one of New Zealand’s largest gas network operators, First Gas. The solution replicated, in exact detail, the high-risk procedure for emergency venting of a ruptured pipeline. By making this a virtual experience the FirstGas team could practice emergency responses in a safe, controlled way.
  • A VR milking shed for AsureQuality that tests users in healthy and safe milking processes and procedures.
Asure Quality Harry Van Enckevort wearing an AR Headset
  • A voice-activated auditing application for the RealWear HMT-1 head-mounted tablet for New Zealand’s leading food assurance and biosecurity services company AsureQuality.
ECO FRIENDLY Reuben Turner inspects biosecurity training provider IVSs new virtual shipping container
  • A VR model of a shipping container built to test the knowledge of biosecurity professionals. The container, built for Independent Verification Services, has randomized biosecurity risks to test the user’s knowledge of rules and procedures.

Company-X is the first Australasian reseller of leading head-mounted tablet manufacturer RealWear’s HMT-1s and the intrinsically safe HMT-1Z1 tablets for areas where explosive gasses are present. The lightweight headset has a narrow “boom arm” with a “micro-display” that appears as though the worker is viewing a 7” tablet screen. The screen can be positioned just below the line of sight, so the user can easily glance the screen like a dashboard. To keep the experience completely hands-free all inputs are entirely voice-activated.

Workers can wear and safely operate the HMT-1s while using tools and equipment, even while climbing a scaffold or tower. The HMT-1 allows workers to maintain full situational awareness and maximum productivity.

Conference delegates can have a go with Company-X’s problem-solving technology on stands 12 and 17 at Safety 360.

Bauerfeind will take to the Seminar Stage at 11am at the Hazardous Substances Management Forum next Tuesday (March 17). His focus will be safety and the connected worker.

“Augmented and virtual reality technology is a real game-changer in the fields of health and safety,” Bauerfeind said.

“It can be reliably deployed in the workplace to help train or refresh workers in dangerous procedures.

“The paradigm is different to even five years ago.”