David Hallett
Company-X co-founder and director David Hallett.

If you thought hiring a professional was expensive, try hiring an amateur first.

So many people end up calling in a professional after an amateur has failed to do the job.

In Information Technology (IT) that can be an extremely expensive lesson.

This is why IT Professionals NZ offers Chartered IT Professional NZ (CITPNZ) accreditation, the international gold standard accreditation for senior IT professionals helping Kiwi IT professionals show that they can achieve great results in IT.

“Chartered IT Professional NZ and Certified Technologist certifications are only awarded to those who have proven they have the experience, education and - just as importantly - ethics to be able to give solid advice and get real results in digital tech,” said IT Professionals New Zealand chief executive Paul Matthews.

“One of the core advantages of hiring someone with Chartered IT Professional NZ status is that they're the real deal. They've been independently assessed by the professional body of the digital tech industry.

“The CITPNZ assessment isn't just about whether you know something in theory or can pass a test. It's an assessment of whether you can get things done. It looks at outcomes achieved, skills and knowledge,” Matthews said.

“The CITPNZ assessment is completed by both an expert assessor and a proven subject expert in the area of tech the applicant is working in. It's no good just being able to talk a good game. You have to know your stuff to get through.

“Those with CITPNZ are proven, professionals. They know their stuff and are accountable for what they do. They have the entire profession backing them up and commit to staying current and abiding by a Code of Ethics.”

Big tech companies like Amazon, Google and Microsoft, also offer a range of accreditations, awards and certificates, to ensure those delivering their products and services are doing so to the highest standard.

Software developers can become an Amazon Web Services Hero, a Google Cloud Certified Fellow, and a Microsoft Most Valued Professional.

The Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award, for example, recognizes exceptional community leadership in technology experts. These experts are on the “bleeding edge” with deep knowledge of Microsoft products and services and passionately share their knowledge with the international technology community.

Company-X is always on the lookout for people with such credentials, as we only want to employ the brightest and the best in all technology stacks.

Company-X is adept in all technology stacks, including Microsoft, earning us Microsoft Gold Partner status.

  • David Hallett is a co-founder and director of Hamilton software specialist Company-X.