“Company-X resourcing has always been skilled, professional and analytical,” said Cisco Systems, Inc project manager Ashela Webb.

Our software experts can join you, in the same way that they have been insourced to Cisco’s team, to help you get your job done.

Insourcing is becoming a thing as businesses turn their back on outsourcing so that they can keep a closer eye on their project.

Sometimes what you need is somebody on your own team that can speak geek, solve technical problems, and code for days. We know a lot of people like this, and we’ll happily share them with you!

And because we’re Company-X, you can trust our people have the X factor it takes to get the job done properly – not just fill a role.

If you need insourcing or outsourcing, software consultancy, technical expertise or skilled technical people for your organisation or project, we’ve got just the people for the job.

We’re ready, are you? Contact us today.