Company-X senior consultant Ben Judge.

Whānau data platform builder Āhau was preparing to raise funds for the next phase of its product development.

Āhau asked Company-X to help scope a confident plan for the next product development phase to assure funders of their investment.

Before this could happen, Company-X senior consultant Ben Judge led Āhau through a technical due diligence process.


Start-up Āhau developed a Whānau Data Platform that helps whānau-based communities (whānau, hapū and Iwi) capture, preserve, and share essential information and histories into secure, whānau-managed databases and servers.

Users can maintain whānau and whenua connections through Āhau’s collaborative whakapapa record management tool.

They can also record and maintain up-to-date whanau information with tribal registries which connect whakapapa information for iwi across the country.

They can also capture, preserve, and share cultural heritage, histories, and narratives all stored in whānau-owned and managed archives.

Āhau is a distributed platform, so all data is collected, stored, and shared on users’ personal devices and servers.


As a start-up, Āhau did not have the resources to scale its Whānau data platform.

It needed help scoping future development and in following a robust technical due diligence process on the software already built, to apply for funding.


Company-X began a series of interviews with Āhau to understand Āhau’s aims and objectives.

Āhau answered Company-X’s questions honestly before Company-X analysed and presented a technical due diligence report on the software to date and the project’s strengths and weaknesses.

The report included key areas that the team would need to consider before scaling up for a larger user base.

Company-X ensured Āhau had every opportunity to get the most value out of its analysis.


Āhau felt more able to improve its decision-making on the project’s future development priorities thanks to expert analysis and advice from Company-X's detailed technical due diligence report.

The report covered Āhau’s product development cycle and systems with recommendations on how to deliver the aims and objectives.


“All of Company-X’s recommendations were really helpful in our thinking as the product matures and goes to those other stages. That was really valuable.”

Āhau Kaiwhakahaere Ben Tairea

Services Provided
Review and assess existing software, Technical due diligence
Technologies Used
Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT)