Company-X built gamified training to bring innovation to skills development for the Australian Meat Processor Corporation.


The Australian Meat Processor Corporation (AMPC) asked Company-X to participate in a multi-tender process for building a beef scribing or rib cutting training solution.

Company X built a gamified beef scribing application


The AMPC is the specialist research and development (R&D) provider for Australian meat processors – wherever they are, whatever their markets, no matter their size.


The AMPC was looking for a technology partner who could deliver innovative training solutions in the skill of beef scribing or rib cutting.

Beef scribing, done correctly, is profitable for the meat processor, but done incorrectly, can see lost revenue of up to $30 per carcass.

The AMPC challenged technology vendors to develop a solution to solve the common industry problem of teaching beef scribing best practice. Careful consideration of health and safety demands was also an important factor.


Company-X proposed a proof of concept for a web-based gamified beef-scribing training solution.

Gamification is about motivating users' behaviour with elements that are familiar from typical gaming scenarios and environments, such as offering challenges and earning rewards.

With a mouse on a desktop computer or a pen on a tablet computer, users draw on the side of a digital photograph of a side of beef to show where they think the cuts should go. Those using pens were more accurate than those with mice, but the interactivity of both methods makes the education process engaging for trainees.

Users are timed per carcass, with the time allotted to them diminishing as they progress through the levels.

Users are scored on accuracy, and their score is recorded on a leader board for all users to see.

AMPC Screenshot


The beef scribing solution was a hit with the AMPC and its members, and there are plans to showcase it at conferences across Australia.


Stuart Shaw

“The game was very engaging. It nailed it perfectly. We were very impressed with what Company-X put out there.”

AMPC advanced manufacturing program manager Stuart Shaw

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