Asure Quality Harry Van Enckevort wearing an AR Headset
STRONG FOCUS: AsureQuality science and technology advisor Dr Harry van Enckevort demonstrates a RealWear head-mounted tablet with Company-X software.

The problem

New Zealand’s leading food assurance and biosecurity services company was looking for technology-led solutions that would help improve staff productivity and capability on the go without compromising quality outcomes.

As a first practical application, AsureQuality wanted more efficient ways for its auditors to gather and process audit and inspection data in the field.

The solution

Company-X developed a proof of application voice-activated software solution for the RealWear HMT-1 head-mounted tablet.

The solution enabled auditors to complete hands-free audits and inspections. Users can comment, take photographs and record video with a voice command, while retaining clear vision of their environment and other people they are working with.

Remote video conferencing is also possible with the HMT-1, meaning auditors can call for expert help in the field and show them the situation they are dealing with.

Batteries are hot-swappable, so there is minimal downtime, and users found the overall usability excellent in many different environments.

The verdict

“With our strong focus on innovation and technology, AsureQuality has enjoyed collaborating with Company-X on various projects,” says AsureQuality science and technology advisor Dr Harry van Enckevort.

“They always strive to deliver the right solutions for our needs.”

"Company-X won the Innovation Award for an Independent Software Vendor on October 23, 2019.

"The award recognised the work Company-X had done in designing and building the voice-activated auditing application for AsureQuality."

Services Provided
User interface design, Web app development, Mobile app development
Technologies Used
Native Android, Microsoft Cognitive Services, RealWear ML Scripting, PHP