The problem

Multinational life science company Bayer responds to hundreds of customers across regional and national levels with an extensive catalogue of specialized chemical and pharmaceutical products

Forecasting is always a challenge.

Bayer’s long-range planning must anticipate supply and demand two years into the future.

The solution

Company-X reviewed Bayer’s CropScience division’s processes and required outcomes to develop a robust strategy and software application for sales forecasting and procurement planning.

To accommodate the national spread of Bayer’s stock, sales team and market, the application was designed to run on both local desktop computers and remote laptops.

Syncing to a centralized server at Bayer New Zealand’s Auckland head office, the application reports and manages all sales forecasting and monitoring, sales budgets, customer and product data, supply planning, stock levels and product ordering.

The verdict

“Company-X demonstrated a willingness to visualize issues from our business perspective, not just a technical software perspective,” said Bayer NZ Limited supply chain manager Hugh Lemmon.

“They listened very carefully to our issues but were not just a ‘you tell me what you want’ supplier. Expect them to take ownership of projects, make suggestions and make it happen.”

Services Provided
Business analysis, Software development
Technologies Used
Delphi, Business Intelligence, Microsoft Sync Framework