The problem

Canoe Racing New Zealand wanted to automate its canoe sprint racing finish-line solution.

The existing timing system needed one person to capture time with a stopwatch for each of the nine racing lanes and a tenth person to oversee it.

The solution

Company-X developed a more accurate, and automated, system, from a set of high-level requirements.

The team designed and built a software solution that recorded start and finish times for nine racing lanes and also capture a photo finish and video.

The system used two wirelessly linked personal computers to provide a finish line operator view and administrator function and video cameras.

The verdict

“Company-X directors David Hallett and Jeremy Hughes were great,” said Canoe Racing New Zealand business manager Karen Simpson.

“I really appreciated the ‘can-do’ attitude they brought to the project and am immensely happy with the new system.

“They came to Lake Karapiro to watch the racing environment and see how the product needed to work in a practical sense.

“They spent a lot of time making sure it was easy to use and fairly idiot-proof, which is necessary when using a changing group of volunteers to operate the system.

“The finished product is exactly what we needed and is robust enough to function in the ever-changing weather conditions that an outdoor, water-based sport must operate in."

Services Provided
Business analysis, Software architecture, Software development
Technologies Used