The problem

ETCO, New Zealand’s premier provider of electrical apprenticeships and training, had a legacy system managing training data, but no centralized way to access and track the information or deliver industry-specific reporting.

The solution

Company-X designed and built a web-based application that replicated the ETCO system but also provided remote centralized access to student records and generated industry-specific reports.

The application included a “middle layer” designed to communicate with the legacy system and ensure data integrity was maintained across both the legacy system and the web-based system.

The new app gave ETCO tutors and students remote access to different areas and levels of information including student attendance, NZQA credits, marking, progress reports, and more – all from the web.

The verdict

“This is very good software that is as relevant to our needs today as when it was first developed,” said ETCO national training manager Pieter Meiring.

“Our web-based application was developed in 2002 and we have been using it ever since with great results.

“There are very few issues – we have perhaps called for support 10 times in 10 years – and when there are issues, they are very quickly fixed."

Services Provided
Systems design, Software integration, User interface design
Technologies Used
Java, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, SQL