The problem

The Industrial Tube Manufacturing factory turns raw steel into made to order precision-cut standard lengths of tubing.

The Industrial Tube office ran on accounting software that handled customer orders, sales volume and billing.

Between the two systems was a chasm of manual processing and production planning that cost time, resources, and scheduling headaches.

Industrial Tube Manufacturing realised savings and efficiencies could be made by using accounting system data to calculate and optimize factory production.

The solution

Company-X identified the high-level system requirements and key projects to implement before starting a series of iterative projects to build production management capability around the existing software.

The result was a comprehensive production management tool that integrated seamlessly with the existing accounting system to deliver improvements across the business.

Improvements included production and waste planning, cutting accuracy, staff productivity, administrative hours, delivery dates and customer service.

As Company-X’s longest-running software project, the Industrial Tube Manufacturing system is a testament to the power of iterative development.

Company-X continues to introduce additional features to support business needs as they arise.

The verdict

“Tubemanager has been really valuable to us as part of the lean manufacturing process,” said Industrial Tube Manufacturing assistant general manager Ian Foster.

“It will help remove the need for physical job cards and introduce a paperless manufacturing system.”

Services Provided
Business analysis, Software integration, Help desk
Technologies Used
.Net, SQL, Microsoft Reporting Services