The problem

Tractor Pull New Zealand switched from weighting a tractor sled with concrete blocks to a weight transfer pulling system that lifted the tractor on electronic rams to create pull resistance.

The electronic rams were computer-controlled, but the available software was unreliable, difficult to use, and largely unsuitable for a competitive environment.

The solution

Company-X designed and built a software application that enabled the tractor sled hardware to detect and provide simple, instant adjustments to tractor pull.

The solution also managed all of the data and reporting on competition day, including competitors, classes, heats and final results.

The software greatly increases the efficiency and flexibility of events.

The verdict

“The finished result was an eye-opener,” said Tractor Pull New Zealand Chairman Vaughan Coy. “Some features even we had forgotten we had asked for.

“We came away feeling more confident in our brand-new software than we did when using our old software that had been in use for over two years! We have an application that is robust and feature-rich, yet retains the critical ease of use.

“The support and backup has extended well beyond our expectations with a willingness to see the application working as intended, not just as delivered.

“Tractor Pull New Zealand Inc has no hesitation in recommending Jeremy and the team when you need someone who can listen, produce and deliver a piece of mission-critical software to a standard you can rely on.”

Services Provided
Software development, User interface design
Technologies Used
.Net, Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation