The New Zealand transport sector needed a common language to describe the service, impact, and asset lifecycle across the national transport network. Company-X helped New Zealand Transport Agency Waka Kotahi define that language with critical analysis during the development of the Asset Management Data Standard (AMDS). Once defined Company-X helped councils prepare to implement the standard and validate its practical implementation.


New Zealand Transport Agency Waka Kotahi exists to bridge New Zealand's diversity, culture, economies, and life through efficient transport and infrastructure planning. It is the lifeblood that connect New Zealand's greatest minds to its heartland and abundant natural resources.


It was difficult for the transport sector to easily retrieve, analyse and extract meaningful insights from loosely defined data. Traditional databases designed for structured data were not optimal, and maintaining data quality was complex.


Company-X, with its unparallelled expertise in the transport sector, developed toolsets to enable automated rapid migration to AMDS and testing. Company-X’s automated toolsets interrogate the data in Thinkproject’s Road Assessment and Maintenance Management (RAMM) database and, in the migration process, ensures it has the right structure and is migrated to the right location.

The Te Ringa Maimoa Transport Excellence Partnership also consulted with Company-X on how to include minor structures such as fences, walls, poles, paths, tanks, and culverts in the standard.


Company-X’s automated rapid Asset Management Data Standard migration and testing tool is a unique offering borne out of unparalleled subject matter expertise. It is backed with validation and support. Better, more efficient, asset management results will be delivered by road controlling authorities after migrating to the standard. Moving to the same data structure will lead to the better allocation of funding thanks to an improved understanding of the trends within the national transport network.

I have known Company-X for a very long time. I didn't want anyone else to handle our AMDS migration. There was no one better for the job.

Pamela Brown

Team Leader Data Analytics

Wellington City Council

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Business analysis, Data analysis
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