Transport sector information systems specialist Jeremy Hughes has been invited back to the Roading Infrastructure Management Support (RIMS) Forum to share his insights with the sector.

The co-founder and director of software specialist Company-X delivered a keynote speech at last year’s forum and will draw on 30 years’ experience of working in the transport sector when he runs a workshop at this week’s event in Christchurch.

RIMS SPEAKER: Jeremy Hughes

Hughes, and his team of software specialists at Company-X, helped Upper Hutt City Council and Masterton District Council prepare for implementation of the Asset Management Data Standard (AMDS).

The standard is a common language that describes the service, impact, and asset lifecycle across the transport system. Its implementation will help with evidence-based decision making.

Company-X was deeply involved with the development of the standard, as well as preparing for and validating its practical implementation across Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency, city and district councils, and maintenance contractors.

Hughes will share the latest learnings on data mapping, with real life before and after migration examples at RIMS on Thursday, as well as share tips and tricks on preparing for migration to AMDS.

Company-X is designing features to integrate AMDS client systems with Transport Insights.

Hughes will be joined by Company-X business analyst Bryan Miles who has more than 35 years’ experience in IT software integration and implementations.

RIMS SPEAKER: Bryan Miles.

Miles will focus on how the Traffic Count Estimation (TCE) module implemented in the Transport Insights web portal will help the transport sector optimise decision making.

The launch of the TCE module will lead to improved evidence-based decision making across the transport sector.

Te Ringa Maimoa Transport Excellence Partnership asked Company-X to design and build the TCE module into Transport Insights after RIMS developed an industry agreement.

The TCE module uses traffic count data from up to six previous years to generate a full set of traffic estimates for road controlling authority owned Carriageway Sections.


“I’m super excited to be invited back to RIMS to share the latest learnings from Asset Management Data Standard tranches,” said Hughes.

“It’s brilliant that Company-X’s very own Bryan Miles will also share tips and tricks on the new Traffic Count Estimation module we’ve built in Transport Insights.”

Miles and Hughes will speak in the Back to Basics stream on Thursday at 11.10am.

Miles and fellow Company-X business analyst Nigel Lynton will also present on AMDS and TCE at Rapid Download sessions on Wednesday at 3.45pm.