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Financial advisory platform Tania.AI asked Company-X to troubleshoot and find out what was causing errors in its code preventing the import of data.


At the heart of the Tania.AI story is a desire to help others. is the fulfilment of a promise; a contribution to a world where more people can have access to the financial advice, they need to ensure their own dreams are a success.

Driven to make a difference in memory of her mother – Tania – founder Donnamaree Ryder wanted to make it easier for more people to get ahead on their terms.

Tania’s vision is to help grow the financial acumen of individuals so they can build profitable and sustainable businesses that contribute to thriving communities – and in turn inspire others to break cycles, create independence and financially flourish.


Tania.AI had assembled a small team to develop a web and mobile app.

As the number of users grew so did the volume of data Tania.AI was importing nightly from Xero.

The triggering of manual updates was necessary.

Tania.AI founder Donnameree Ryder initially turned to an overseas consultant to investigate the issue, but they were unable to solve the problem.


Company-X developer Jonathan Ashworth
Company-X developer Jonathan Ashworth

Ryder asked Company-X co-founder and director David Hallett for help.

Company-X team leader and senior developer Michael Steenkamp and developer Jonathan Ashworth peer reviewed Tania.AI’s code base.

The pair found the issue with the code and Steenkamp was able to fix it.

As a result, Company-X has been asked to rebuild Tania AI for the Microsoft Store.


Company-X enabled Tania.AI to release version three of its mobile and web app for testing by audit, tax, and advisory services provider KPMG.


“It was wicked. I should have just rung Company-X ages ago. They had a team who were sharp. Big brother stepped in and put in the resource to make it happen. The ability for a large tech company to step in to help a little startup is wicked. What I like about having Company-X around is the ability to be able to call on larger organization that can build to the standard that we need to scale globally."

Tania-AI founder Donnamaree Ryder

Services Provided
Technical due diligence, Technical leadership
Technologies Used
Node.js, Postman