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Case Study CASE STUDY: Giltrap Ag

Duncan seed drill manufacturer Giltrap Ag asked Company-X to build a mobile app enabling tractor drivers to calibrate mechanical and e-drive seed drills without leaving the cab. The app was designed for use in all countries Duncan Drills are sold in including New Zealand, Australia, Chile, Ireland, Japan, Uruguay, and the United Kingdom.

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Case Study CASE STUDY: Technical Due Diligence

Leading Aotearoa New Zealand open banking gateway BlinkPay was seeking funding for its next development phase. BlinkPay asked Company-X to conduct technical due diligence and produce a report for investors on its work to date and its product development roadmap.

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Case Study CASE STUDY: Technical Due Diligence

Whānau data platform builder Āhau was preparing to raise funds for the next phase of its product development. Āhau asked Company-X to help scope a confident plan for the next product development phase to assure funders of their investment. Before this could happen, Company-X took Āhau through a technical due diligence process.

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Case Study CASE STUDY: Gamified Training

The Australian Meat Processor Corportation (AMPC) asked New Zealand software specialist Company-X to participate in a multi-tender process for building a beef scribing or rib cutting training solution.

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“AsureQuality has enjoyed collaborating with Company-X on various projects. They always strive to deliver the right solutions for our needs.”

Dr Harry van Enckevort

“Company-X demonstrated a willingness to visualise issues from our business perspective, not just a technical software perspective. Expect them to take ownership of projects, make suggestions and make it happen.”

Hugh Lemmon
Bayer New Zealand

"Since we first turned to Company-X for assistance with our synthetic audio needs, they have been very flexible and accommodating."

Paul Jacobsen

“We were impressed with a working concept within a couple of weeks. Luke showed us what became the Waikato Expressway Testing Application or W.E.T.A. early on. It looks and feels like what we have today.”

James Higgins
CityEdge Alliance

"Every resource provided to us, from program management to development, has the ability to think on his or her feet and get the job done.”

Ashela Webb
Cisco Systems

“[A] part of the overall success of the programme was our process, developed collaboratively by Company-X and the project group. This project might not have been so successful without a mature and well-established review and collaboration process, and strong governance of that.”

Lynda McDonald
DeLaval International

"We chose Company-X . . . because we knew they had the knowhow for building e-commerce websites that could sell the Hydrofoiler XE-1 in multiple regions across the world."

Greg Johnson

“[Company-X is] passionate, dedicated and great at project planning, always delivering on time. It was awesome to bounce ideas with the team, get suggestions for improvement.”

Peter Webb
Independent Verification Services (IVS)

“Everything they [Company-X] took on was well thought out and professional-looking. One pleasant surprise was a call I received out of the blue to look at re-structuring our contract to save us money.”

Jeremy Mould

"Company-X’s work has been very much appreciated by . . . the roading industry who are now using the tool and gaining greater insight into the outcomes being achieved on New Zealand’s roading network.”

Dawn Inglis
Te Ringa Maimoa

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