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Bespoke software solutions that run the world better.

Empowering visionary leaders to run the world better through data.

Exclusively senior level expertise to solve complex problems, integrate systems, advance safety through simulation training, and enhance efficiency with AI.
Software Development
Digital Transformation
Digital Twins
Simulation Training
Team Insourcing
Software Development
  • Project Management
  • Ai
  • App Development
  • User Interface Design
  • Integration

Custom software solutions tailored to mid to large-sized infrastructure, defense, manufacturing, and primary industries. Utilizing technologies including .Net, Python, PHP, C#, Angular, Go, JavaScript, SQL, Java, Perl, and others, we ensure a scalable codebase that withstands the test of time.

Digital Transformation

Modernise your internal processes and tools by transitioning your legacy systems into an AWS, Google, or Microsoft cloud-based operation. Improve your agility, efficiency, and workforce capabilities with new technologies that automate workflows and foster a culture of continuous improvement.   

Digital Twins

Transform decision making through the creation of a digital twin that enhances efficiency and reduces operational risk with data-driven insights based on real-time data. Our digital twin service creates a virtual replica of your operations to enhance workflows and predict issues before they happen. 

Simulation Training

Trusted by the Royal New Zealand Navy, Company-X’s bespoke VR simulation development delivers an immersive and interactive experience to improve training operations. Realistic VR simulations enhance learning, improve safety, drive engagement, and scale your training globally. 


Integrate senior level expertise into your software development team to speed up your projects. Company-X provides highly skilled solutions architects, business analysts, software developers, project managers, data analysts, and data engineers to enhance your team’s capabilities, drive innovation, and ensure project success without the overhead of traditional hiring processes. 

Get to know our people

Kiwi proud.
Global leaders.
I love Company-X because of its long-term strategic focus and effective management and measurement of professional and financial performance. They balance work and fun and get things done.

Antonia Withey
Finance Manager

Antonia Whiteley
I love making people's lives easier. I love the feedback from stakeholders when I get those wow moments when I take what they've got, and I make it better. I love delivering great design work with reasoning and understanding. I love showing people how important design is and then watching them do it on their own.

Hōhepa McKenzie
UX Lead

There are actual real-world problems that, with the application of some technology, you can automate or make more efficient - even reduce someone's effort. I love the magic of problem-solving and how you can often address people's challenges effectively with software and tech.

David Hallett
Co-Founder and Director

Profile photo of David Hallett
I like to empower developers to be able to develop easily, to release things easily, to move things through environments and stages and get things out there in a way that reduces risk and standardises operations. Because the problems that you solve within software are quite often unique

Rachel Primrose
Head of DevOps and Strategic IT

Rachel Primrose
You can teach people to adopt new skills and learn stuff, especially in a technical business like ours, everything that they know and their knowledge, they can learn that, but you can't change who they are, and that's why we focus on who they are when we're recruiting first and then worry about the skills after.

Jeremy Hughes
Co-Founder and Director

I love to code, to break everything down to small little parts and to watch them all work together. It's awesome. Sometimes (a lot) I can be pedantic and try to make my code as succinct as possible.

Frank Mele
Senior Developer

Frank Mele
Being the head of quality assurance at Company-X is incredible! I get to work on cutting-edge projects with top clients like Cisco Systems and the Royal New Zealand Navy. The team is fantastic, always encouraging and supportive. I love that my work is valued and that there's always room to learn and grow.

Nicola Brock
Test Manager

Get to know us

Who we are

Company-X is a software development company that enables change through data-driven insights, automation, and simulation to run the world better. For infrastructure asset managers, defense manufacturing contractors, and Chief Technology Officers (CTOs), Company-X integrates complex systems, advances safety through simulation training, and enhances efficiency through machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Company-X’s exclusively senior level expertise – including data analysts, architects, designers, developers, testers, and project managers – work alongside organisations to commercialise ideas, transform and scale operations, and code and design their next great innovation.

About us

Hear from our clients

We are renowned for building highly-skilled, tightly-knit, self-managed, and co-located teams
Company-X demonstrated a willingness to visualize issues from our business perspective, not just a technical software perspective. They listened very carefully to our issues but were not just a ‘you tell me what you want’ supplier. Expect them to take ownership of projects, make suggestions and make it happen.
Hugh Lemmon, Supply Chain Manager, Bayer
Hugh Lemmon
"Working with Company-X has been an awesome experience. Every team member we have worked with knows their field intimately, listens to your needs and is focussed on achieving your business goals as a priority. This is what sets Company X apart in their field and makes us a repeat customer."
Amy Whetu, CEO, The Stream
Amy Whetu, CEO, The Stream
Company-X showed a level of thought leadership that aligned to our thinking. Our experience has been absolutely examplar.
Adrian Smith, Chief Product Officer, BlinkPay
Adrian Smith - BlinkPay Chief Product Officer
Company-X really impressed me with their international insights. Anyone can talk, but David can really communicate; he had this international flair, could talk about many countries, visiting them, understanding them, even learning some of their languages. That’s who I want to partner with.
Anatole Bogatski, CEO, AJV Global
Anatole Bogatski

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