Software from Magnetize that proved itself essential for enabling heavy plant and people in the reconstruction of Christchurch has been rebuilt from the ground up by Company-X.

Magnetize was built by Pro-Drill Specialist Drilling Engineers to help the company keep on top of the rising workflow during the reconstruction of Christchurch.

“Before we went to Christchurch we were doing maybe 50 to 70 jobs per month in Auckland and within a year we had gone from 12 staff to 32 staff in Christchurch doing about 400 jobs per month,” said Magnetize product owner Scott Sherwin.

“A lot of people saw the software and asked where they could get it from, which gave us the idea that other people would want it.”

New Zealand software specialist Company-X redesigned and rebuilt Magnetize from the ground up in 2021 after a user experience review and a new product development phase involving user interviews.

Pro-Drill Specialist Drilling Engineers uses Magnetize to manage its teams based out of Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

“We started with a pad and a pen a decade ago, but now there’s no way that we’d be able to run our company without Magnetize. Drilling equipment operators went from scanning their logs every day, printing them out and sending them to the office, to doing it all on a mobile app while sitting in their truck. Boom!”

Magnetize chief executive Paul Lyons said it was very hard for him to imagine running a heavy equipment and machinery business without Magnetize.

“It's just horrendous and unthinkable, because of the stress of it," he said.

Lyons said there was nothing else on the market like his company’s web and mobile app combo.