INTEGRATION Company X senior software developers Arno van Niekerk left and Rob Scovell solve a problem
INTEGRATION: Company-X senior software developers Arno van Niekerk, left, and Rob Scovell, solve a problem.


Jumpflex needed information technology (IT) infrastructure that could keep up with international demand. Company-X was asked to integrate the web services required to manage the international supply chain processes, from manufacturer to warehouse to customer.


Jumpflex is a leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of trampolines. Headquartered in Hamilton, in the Waikato region of New Zealand, Jumpflex also sells trampolines to customers in Australia, the United Kingdom and its primary customer based in the United States of America.


Jumpflex’s use of third-party businesses to outsource elements of its distribution, warehousing and fulfilment services became more complex as it grew. As Jumpflex’s third-party logistics (3PL) became more complex, it became more difficult to manage and maintain visibility of an order from the point of sale to the delivery to the customer’s front door. Jumpflex chief technology officer Jeremy Mould wanted a portal to all Jumpflex systems where his team could view every order and manage their progress.


Jumpflex asked Company-X to integrate the web services required to manage the international supply chain processes, from manufacturer to warehouse to customer.

Company-X professional services manager Michael Hamid led a multifaceted software development team who worked on the different aspects of the integration. The lead software architect was Rachel Primrose who worked alongside senior software developers Arno van Niekerk, Rob Scovell, Pete Stewart, Dick Vlaanderen and Lev Gimelfarb.

The Company-X development team built an integrated system around Amazon Web Services to enable Jumpflex to manage its international supply chain processes.

The integration brought together data from multiple cloud systems to provide a cohesive supply chain view for Jumpflex teams including customer services, distribution and management.


Company-X automated and consolidated the various processes at the core of Jumpflex’s third-party logistics and introduced intelligent order routing and fulfilment.

Along with tracking the entire process, the solution Company-X designed and delivered had to ensure that the customer and customer services team were notified as an order moved through the various stages. The nature of Jumpflex’s international operation spanning numerous warehouses made this a complex problem that required a bespoke solution to suit its business needs.

Company-X also built Jumpflex a mobile app for the staff in their New Zealand warehouse to scan orders and ensure all the order line items were present before being sent out with the couriers.


“The fact that [Company-X] directors [David Hallett and Jeremy Hughes] are great software engineers means they only hire really competent and senior engineers. This means we weren't going to end up with juniors making a mess of various tasks.

“Basically, everything they took on was well thought out and professional looking. Also, the spend has been much more cost-effective in the long run due to the quality of the work.

One pleasant surprise was a call I received out of the blue to look at re-structuring our contract to save us money.

“I have recommended Company-X to a number of people in my network and will continue to do so. It's nice as someone who is often asked about this sort of stuff to be able to recommend.”

Jumpflex director Jeremy Mould

Services Provided
Business analysis, Systems design and architecture, Database design and architecture, Web, and mobile app development
Technologies Used
Amazon Web Services (AWS), Serverless functions, Message queues, Webhooks