REG Insights Performance Dashboard
The Transport Insights Performance Dashboard.


New Zealand's transport sector lacked standardized quality and consistent performance reporting across all regions. Te Ringa Maimoa Transport Excellence Partnership asked Company-X to build the world's first national evidence-based insights tool for the New Zealand transport sector. Transport Insights consolidates roading, financial, and statistical data to empower informed investment decisions. It fosters a data-driven culture in the transport sector, ultimately benefiting transport network users nationwide.


Te Ringa Maimoa Transport Excellence Partnership is a collaborative initiative between Local Government NZ, NZ Transport Agency Waka Kotahi and all road controlling authorities, targeting business-excellence across the transport sector. This partnership was formed in 2012 to implement recommendations of the Road Maintenance Task Force.


New Zealand’s transport sector’s lack of national standards and quality reporting posed significant challenges to ensuring consistent road user experience on the national transport network.


The world’s first national transport sector performance reporting tool was released in 2016 by Company-X. The first iteration of Transport Insights measured the performance of transport networks in the categories of safety, resilience, amenity, accessibility, and cost efficiency. Reporting against a suite of 63 data quality metrics was added in 2021. The ability to measure capability and support workforce development was added in 2022 with the Asset Management Competency Framework module. A Traffic Count Estimation Module was added in 2023 to provide road controlling authorities with a consistent traffic volume estimate.

Transport Insights Data Quality
Transport Insights Data Quality portal.


Transport Insights is a global pioneer in evidence-based insights for the transport sector. New features are regularly added to empower transport network operators to benchmark against national standards, and ensure investment goes where it is most needed. A Consistent Condition Data Collection module will be released in 2024, implementing new minimum pavement condition inspection requirements, standards, and specifications.

“New Zealand is in a much better position and has a much clearer appreciation of where we stand with regards to network performance from a national perspective.”

Dr. Theuns Henning
Senior Lecturer in Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of Auckland Faculty of Engineering

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