Philips Search and Rescue Trust asked Company-X to build a new receipting and communication system to free up fundraising staff.


Philips Search and Rescue Trust is the charity responsible for fundraising and promotion of the North Island of New Zealand’s largest pool of community rescue helicopters.

Encompassing a fleet of rescue helicopters and fixed-wing planes, the service provides air health and rescue services free of charge to the public on a no-fault basis.

The rapid response is powered by an expert crew of pilots, specialist crew, intensive care paramedics, doctors, and flight nurses.

In a life and death situation, it is this speed and agility that can make all the difference, with patients able to receive medical treatment whilst en route to a medical facility.

Dispatched through the 111-call system, Philips Search and Rescue Trust’s rapid response rescue helicopters bring life-saving equipment, rescue personnel, with full-time flight paramedic workforce, all experienced intensive care paramedics directly to the patient.

Always rescue ready, Philips Search and Rescue Trust’s rescue helicopters are an essential emergency service in the North Island community.


Philips Search and Rescue Trust’s donor receipting system was obsolete because it could no longer deal with the complexities of the thousands of donors that kept the organisation flying.

The trust was hamstrung by the old system’s inability to support certain forms of donating, such as enabling the Friends of the Rescue Helicopter to make regular monthly donations.

It was also not possible to use the system to communicate with the donors.


Company-X reviewed the receipting system thorough business analysis and business process mapping which proposed an easily understood solution. The report was delivered in a systematic way and in layman’s language.


“I had 150 per cent confidence they [Company-X] would deliver what they promised. Just the opportunity to take regular giving added significantly to the bottom line. I ran some figures and the return on investment was about six months. They used layman’s terms in their review, and it was both clear and systematic."

Philips Search and Rescue Trust fundraising manager Kelly Olsen

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